Paris in April

My first trip to France was in 1998. This was also my first of many trips to Paris. I currently live in Trbovlje but Paris will always be my home. First photos of Paris are still somewhere on the negatives and not scanned. This year I was for the first time in Paris in April but I do plan another trip in October. A few color photos from my last trip to Paris…


28 thoughts on “Paris in April

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you will gain some pleasure from the mix of photography and history ancient and modern. Like your treatment of urban scenes. Des.

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  2. Lovely, lovely photos! They make me feel like I have been there with you.
    Thanks so much for liking my post, “Postscript: Whither Turkey Now?” I hope you will visit my blog agin, and especially hope that you will read my other posts about living in Turkey. Many *amateur* photos in them.

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  3. The pictures of Paris in April are amazing, Tom. I especially love that mural. I’ve never had the joy of seeing Paris in the springtime (only Autumn and Winter), but perhaps one day. Thank you for the ‘like’.

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  4. These are beautiful! I think it’s amazing how you managed to capture such great photographs in Paris, merely because I had heard that it’s not a street photography friendly place because of certain privacy laws. Is that true? I visited the city for the first time this May but was too scared to try my hand at street photography, especially because it’s so easy to be singled out as a tourist in Paris and I don’t have the credentials of a professional photographer.
    I also look forward to seeing new photographs from your coming trip this month. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am glad it led me to yours!

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