Sarajevo – where West meets East

In the last years I was often in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a miniature Istanbul. Everyone needs to see this lovely city with narrow cobblestone streets, majestic mosques, delicious food and friendly locals.

Sarajevo is famous for it’s cultural and religious diversity – Islam, Orthodox, Judaism and Catholicism had traditionally coexisted there for centuries. A little older might just associate Sarajevo with one thing – the Bosnian War. Sarajevo was under siege by Serbian forces for 1.425 days! A lot of this can still be seen around town. The red markings on the ground are known as “Sarajevo roses” and serve as a reminder of what the people of Sarajevo had to endure.

In 1984 Sarajevo was hosted the 14. Winter Olympics Games.

3 things to see in Sarajevo:

  • visit old town Baščaršija
  • visit The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque
  • visit The Vječnica

Sarajevo is the place to go!


18 thoughts on “Sarajevo – where West meets East

      • You must to feel Sarajevo, without people… Because Sarajevo is special city, with nature, tradion, arhitecture and unfortunately history… 🙂

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      • I agree with your opinion in one hand… but if you want to meet a soul of the city, you must to live together, city and you… People are changing and they also change country, politics, city and everything … If you want meet someone, you must to be alone! I agree that here is people very friendly, but that’s not real, when you live every day here … Sarajevo is more destroyes now because of politics! But I aprreciate , because you have a good memories from here!

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      • In Sarajevo, I always traveled alone and with train. I’ve been there five times and lived with Sarajevo and also with people. And yes I have very good memories of Sarajevo.

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