Paris is always a good idea

Today I booked a hotel and air ticket to Paris. See you on 21. October.


24 thoughts on “Paris is always a good idea

  1. Oh my gosh ! Paris is my dream destination. Its forever on my list but I haven’t got a chance to visit Paris till date 😒😒

    That’s awesome, I wish you the best trip! So exciting . You don’t even know how blessed you are that you’re going TO PARIS!! ❀

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  2. I also booked a ticket to go there on September 2. But I had to cancel it. It should have been a business trip combined with some sight-seeing. But the company’s meeting was cancelled and now Montmartre has to wait a bit to be seen … ;(

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  3. Ah, yes! Paris is always a good idea! I’m green with envy, but offer you this: take a wine/cheese or baking class — you won’t forget it! Thanks for dropping by thezorabfiles! Say hello to Paris for me – I miss her so much!

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