…this was my fifteenth visit to Paris, if I count correctly … and I still didn’t get tired of it. I’m in love with this city of lights and I’m already thinking about  my next trip to Paris.


51 thoughts on “Paris…

  1. Very cool! November in Paris has been beautiful, I wish it would stay JUST like this and not get any colder. I am from Floridian living in Paris, so I am not a big fan of winter weather. I love your shots!

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  2. Well said, ” One picture could change your life” and also the life of those around you. Respect for your clicks, simply amazing. The leaf with NotreDam in background, the cyclist, simply no words, just RESPECT…

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  3. Your relationship with Paris reminds me of my love affair with Venice. Isn’t it wonderful to have such bonds to these beautiful places? Enjoying your site!

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  4. Stunning photos! I grew up visiting Paris on my way to see my french family and finally spent a year living there alone. I miss it everyday! So good to hear other people love it as much as I do…

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