The Lure of Montmartre

Replacing the Latin Quarter as the locus of the city’s intellectual and artistic community, Montmartre boasted a thriving bohemian culture that was driven by its critique of decadent society. Its raucous café-concerts and cabarets featured satires and crude, often subversive, performances that mocked the Third Republic’s bourgeois morality and increasingly corrupt politics. Cabarets and café-concerts were favorite spots for avant-garde artists such as Degas, who sought to capture their celebrated performers, hazy atmospheres, and artificial stage lighting in his paintings, pastels, and prints. – Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Place du Tertre
Place du Tertre
Place Dalida
Lamarck / Caulaincourt
Rue Berthe
Rue des Saules
Place Dalida
Rue du Cardinal Dubois
Rue de l’Abreuvoir

42 thoughts on “The Lure of Montmartre

  1. The Place Dalida day and night pictures are absolutely wonderful. They all are really. Seriously yours are the first photrapher I’ve enjoyed black and white photography.

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