Paris will always be Paris

What a week, what a trip but it ended. All these photos were taken with my Samsung Note4 and are not bad 😉 This time was with me also Dave but about this maybe in the next article. I am still reviewing all of my pictures and feelings from Paris. And I look forward to the next visit to Paris in September or October.

Recap 😉
Rue des Thermopyles
Arc de Triomphe
Cite Des Fleurs
Sacré-Cœur from Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
Cour Damoye
Le Marais
La Marine
La Marine
Galerie Vivienne
Rue du Bouloi
Pont Neuf
Au Petit Fer à Cheval

50 thoughts on “Paris will always be Paris

  1. Indeed, Paris will always be Paris! Excellent photos, as always! You reminded me to visit the (famous by now) Rue des Thermopyles, named after a historic place of my country, Greece. Also, the “je t’aime” declaration, I have found and took a photo of it, in another road near Place des Vosges sometime ago (at some point I should follow your way to note the street names…). Surely, love is omnipresent in Paris!

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  2. Having just returned from Paris myself, well it seems like just returned because I’d rather be back there, I understand you completely. There are so many pictures! But I have to say that this time I was there your photography inspired me to take different types of pictures. My favorite picture of yours this time is the one with the books and the pigs, I don’t know where you found it but it’s priceless.

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  3. Excellent post. Fab. Thank you. I had to look up “Rue des Thermopyles”. can you believe? Close to Montparnasse. I will drop by. Also la Cour Damoye. I know la rue de la Roquette, but didn’t know that cour. Another – different – place to go. Cheers.

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  4. I know what you mean about lots of photos, I was there for 4-5hrs a couple of weeks back and took nearly 400. It’s SO easy to do with mobile. Nice bunch of pics! 👍🏼

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