Where to stay in a hotel or in a Airbnb?

Going on a trip, holidays? Awesome! One of the most important choices a traveler can make when planning their trip is deciding where to stay. There are so many accommodation options.

In all my travels I have been in hotels. In Paris I always book a hotel Ibis. For me is important room and bathroom, now also free Wi-Fi. Of course, room must be clean and not too expensive.

So what about you? Do you prefer Airbnb or hotels? What are your experiences? Is this trip solo or with a group? Do you want to feel like a traveler or like a local? Is saving money or optimizing comfort your top priority on a trip? What is important to you?Every your experience or information I will be very happy.

23 thoughts on “Where to stay in a hotel or in a Airbnb?

  1. Hey Tom, nice post. I love Airbnb and it has given me the opportunity to meet some interesting people. I often travel solo and find it useful to stay with a local. Then I plug in my earphones, take my camera and get lost in the city streets. In fact, I now live with a photographer in Rimini, Italy. I first met him when I spent a couple of weeks here. I find Airbnb more affordable and flexible than a hotel. You thinking of putting together a street photography trip?

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  2. For me, Airbnb. We always have a private apartment, but I love the feeling it gives of local life – going to the boulangerie in the morning, shopping at markets etc. Having a kitchen also saves money on eating out all the time.

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    • In Paris I like to eat outside because it seems to me a waste of time to cook for one person. And the French Bistro food is so good. But an interesting idea to cook for myself and save a little bit on food. In Paris, I’m all day on the street and taking pictures, and I go to the hotel only to sleep. It would probably be the same in Airbnb.

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  3. I’ve used airbnb a lot (including in Paris) and had mostly a good experience. You do need to be wary and treat it like a hire car making sure you inspect and report any issues. I once stayed in an apartment in London and the bathroom was showing its age which we thought was fine considering it was a victorian building; after leaving the owner complained that we had cracked all the sealant around the bath and he was going to have to re-grout at a cost of hundreds of pounds. Since then I have not had any issues and although I am more vigilant on moving in I put that one down to the individual.

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  4. I do not use airbnb but I do rent apartments through One Fine Stay. They are not inexpensive, I’m not saving over high end hotel prices but I can cook for my finicky stomach and shop little Market streets for my daily food, which is such a part of French culture and has improved my French incredibly. Since I stay about a month it’s better to sprawl out and really “live” in France for the entire time instead of just feeling like a guest.


  5. When I go to another country, I prefer to rough it somewhat. It sort of helps me to blend in with the types of cultures I want to see. I typically travel with my wife; however — who has a physical disability, I always end up in accommodation that is at least on the glamourous side of things.

    For example, I hate resorts but in Cuba that’s what we stayed in. It was safer for us in truth.

    In July, we’ll be going to Myrtle Beach, SC. We’ll be renting a condominium for the stay.


  6. Where is the hostel love?! Dodgy wifi, shared bathrooms, smelly dorms – what could be better 🙂


  7. Currently, I prefer AirBnb’s financially, plus I feel it gives you an experience of being a local staying at someone’s place. I love hotels as well, but they are pricey. Then again, I stayed at a place in Washington State where the AirBnB’s were actually more expensive than the hotels, so it really depends which one’s more afforable.

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