I would trade…

the streets in Ljubljana for Paris just about anything even coffee. It’s so easy to adjust to Paris life it’s always an easy transition. Comming home isn’t quite as easy. Even after a month i’m not the same person i was when i left.  I wish there was a cure.

Does anyone else have similar experiences to your favorite place? Which is your favorite city?

Place Dauphine
Pont des Arts from Pont Neuf
Rue de la Colombe
Rue des Chantres
Quai d’Orléans
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris from Pont de la Tournelle
Pont de la Tournelle
Rue des Barres

28 thoughts on “I would trade…

  1. Nice shots! I still have the same feelings for Dhaka, Bangladesh! After 8.5 years there, returned 1.5 years ago, but It’s hard to adjust! Of course it is also the transition from Mega city to small town!

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  2. Yeah, I guess it’s exactly for that reason I moved to Paris eventually 🙂 but it’s true I appreciate some aspects of Ljubljana now better than I had before. Every place has something to it, right? Lep pozdrav! 😉


  3. Lovely photos once again, Tom! I really enjoy seeing your photos of Paris as it is one of my favourite places, and your photos really give me the feel of being there. In answer to your question, Paris is number one, but Barcelona comes a close second but for very different reasons. Paris for beauty but Barcelona for vibrancy.

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  4. I stumbled across your blog because I was missing Paris. And how generously you have rewarded this visitor with your gorgeous images, Tom! I definitely share your difficulty in settling back into my routine — it’s so predictable and so pronounced that I call it “Paris malaise,” in fact. So far the only cure I’ve found is to go back as soon as possible … though visiting your blog comes in a close second in at least reducing the symptoms. Merci infiniment.

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