I love coffee

… especially turkish coffee. I can’t imagine the day without coffee. I started drinking coffee very young at the age of fourteen but my first taste of coffee was much earlier. I was always at the stove when the coffee was cooking. I have always loved the taste of coffee. It was never something I had to acquire the taste for or get used to. There is nothing more inviting and comforting than conversations over coffee. Although I very much enjoy a cup of coffee on my own and watching people passing by, I also enjoy having it with good company. Having coffee with the people you love will give you the opportunity to communicate more and strengthen your bonds with them. This is the
trend of today’s culture already from the Turkish era.

Au Petit Fer à Cheval
Le Refuge
Au Petit Fer à Cheval
Čokl, Slovenia
at home
Biró, Slovenia
Shakespeare & Company
Cafetino, Slovenia
Bar Fetiche, Slovenia
Chez Eugene
Cubo, Slovenia

Are you too a coffee lover?

38 thoughts on “I love coffee

  1. Indeed coffee expresso or cut with milk is great. I have try Turkish coffee from natives here in France and it is similar to my origins too. The best in Paris are by the 10:11 arrondissements. Cheers

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  2. There is no more glorious way to start your day then with the perfect cup of coffee. To share it with a friend – even better. Coffee that you sip and savour and drink with great contemplation. Bravo! I love your coffee inspiration photographs. And the one with your cat – my oh my – it made my heart skip a beat. Cheers Virginia

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  3. Super komplet. Pa še frendica je na eni (al je frend?) Barcaffe je prva stvar, ki sem jo spokala za v Italijo. In je že skoraj pet let od tedaj. Samo malo me zezajo, ker se nečem navaditi na italijansko. 😀

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  4. I love coffee and I Love this coffee post! Beautiful shots! We always start with a coffee… I’m pretty sure Italy has my favorite, but France and Spain aren’t bad either!

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