D-12 and D-98

I’m going to Paris in 12 days and to Warsaw in 98 days. At the moment, I don’t know what I’m looking forward to. Instead of working for the planes for Paris, I deal with Warsaw what and how to do. I really look forward to traveling to Warsaw. I really look forward to traveling to Warsaw. According to the photo, I would say that it is very similar to Ljubljana… even language. Miło Cię Widzieć

Quai d’Orléans
Rue Saint-Rustique
Rue Maurice Utrillo
Cimetière du Calvaire
Place du Tertre
Rue Norvins
Musée de Montmartre
Place Émile-Goudeau
Place Émile-Goudeau
Rue Berthe
Rue André Antoine
Jardin du Palais Royal

32 thoughts on “D-12 and D-98

  1. Yes, you should understand some Polish with no problem. Miłej podróży 😉
    Do you know that Warsaw was almost completely distroyed during WW II? It was rebuilt with the use of bricks taken from old German towns, like Nysa, Opole or Wrocław. If you come next time to Poland you should definately see Kraków (cultural centre of Poland) and Wrocław (the best developing town during last years and with the German memories).

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  2. I can’t wait to see your photos from Warsaw! It’s a city that has a subtle but unique charm and I’m looking forward to seeing it through your lenses 🙂

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  3. Your pictures are delightful as ever. Respect Easter up on Montmartre And saw everything in your photos in real life. I even bought a small painting. Such a lovely day with my family.

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  4. I just got back from Paris yesterday but your photos have me wishing I could get on a plane right now and go back. You are so skilled at capturing the city’s unique light! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring images here.

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