Days pass by

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they use to be… like Paris.

Cour du Commerce Saint André
Place Saint-Michel
Pont Saint-Michel
Rue Saint-Bon
Rue Mouffetard
Place de la Contrescarpe
Place de l’Abbé Basset
Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève
Pont Saint-Louis
Rue de Buci

24 thoughts on “Days pass by

  1. I thought the same thing when I was there right before you were. There is a distinctly different vibe in Paris and it’s not really charming. It comes not from the sites and architecture but from the people. Aggressive, complaining and a bit angry. I suppose it comes from being crowded in such a tight spot and oddly their refusal to change and progress. It shows lack of planning and too much bickering about inconsequential things. The French have no vision but they aren’t willing to participate in preservation or progression. It’s an odd mix. It will change, as everything does, with or without them. Unfortunately it seems to be losing its lovely charm in the process. I won’t be going back. There are too many places in the world I haven’t seen.
    PS: love the shot of the baker with her tray of buns.

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  2. I’m going back to Paris two weeks from now, and will take a look to see if Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève still looks the same.

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