Re-branding Instagram account

What does one do when they decide to focus more on a specific genre and less on what they’ve built their feed and following on? Do you keep your previous posts public so new followers get a sense of where you come from, or do you demolish your feed with proverbial dynamite and start all over? Do you ditch your old account entirely and create another one, starting the process of gaining followers all over again? Or do you try to juggle multiple accounts, all displaying a different side of your work?

Btw… 48 days till Warszawa

Cour du Commerce Saint André
Pont Louis Philippe
Rue Frédéric Sauton
Rue de la Colombe
Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf
Place Dauphine

34 thoughts on “Re-branding Instagram account

  1. That’s some tough questions to ask oneself, Tom – so I’ll say only in regard to what I decided when I switched from mostly fitness & seniors & more to the arts for everyone: 1) I didn’t abandon my prior interests, and in fact often incorporate them into both my fiction/poetry & image work; 2) old fans can still find me and now see how active I am into the arts (along w/fitness), which reflects my beliefs and how my wife & I try to lead our lives; 3) I kept one blog/website acct cause I have enough also juggling handling Twitter/Facebook/and, slowly, Instagram – it’s enough trying to keep up with who’s following me, who won’t, and keeping my own follows clean 🙂

    Hope that helps, Tom as u ponder your many (and that’s still good I think) options – all the best 🙂


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  2. Reblogged this on Felipe Adan Lerma and commented:
    Rebooting this not just cause of the great street photography shots from Tom Plevnik, but also because he’s pondering some adjustments in regard to his various media presences – hope that’s the right word 🙂 . Well worth a look into his newest #BWPhotography, plus maybe you’ll have some insight to offer him – all the best everyone! 🙂


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  3. Hi Tom. I only opened my accounts in a few years time. At first I opened my private account so I can keep in contact with those I choose. Then I decided to open a public one focusing more on local happenings and my interest in photography and still remained generally anonymous. I am enjoying it at the moment. 😊

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  4. “What does one do when they decide to focus more on a specific genre and less on what they’ve built their feed and following on?” Here’s my take: Try not to worry too much about your following, and focus on what brings you joy. I went through an existential crisis myself a couple of years ago and was thinking of scrapping everything and starting over — but ultimately (mostly out of laziness) I decided to not to change the format or delete old posts, even as I evolved the content. In hindsight, I’m happy I took this approach because it’s interesting to see how earlier experiments and experiences have influenced what I’m doing now. Of course, I’m nowhere near as accomplished a photographer as you are, so maybe for you there are also professional considerations. But I say there’s no need to change platforms or start a new feed. Just keep building on the foundation you’ve already laid and doing what you love, and the audience will find you.

    Speaking of love: Gorgeous images! That one of the couple and the older man on the Pont Louis Philippe is especially perfect. Talk about the decisive moment! Even Cartier-Bresson would have been proud of that frame.

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  5. Fantastic work. (Paris is not as easy to photograph as some may think…)
    Are you still there?
    Je suis l’Dauphin d’la Place Dauphine
    Et la Place Blanche a mauvaise mine
    Les camions sont pleins de lait
    Les balayeurs pleins de balais…
    Il est cinq heures,
    (Jacques Dutronc)

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  6. These are the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen in a long time. Some of them look kind of surreal. The couple sitting by the water appear separate from the rest of the scene as if they’re in their own world.

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  7. Great photos and great question. I would not run multiple accounts. As an artist, you’re entitled to work in more than one genre or category. But it’s up to you if you want to “brand” your Instagram entirely on your current focus or mix it up as you wish. Like others have said, don’t worry too much about losing followers – Those that like your work and style will still be there. That’s my two cents’. 🙂

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