Warsaw or Warszawa

Have you ever thought about choosing Warsaw as a citybreak destination? To be honest, I wasn’t. What a surprise? Warsaw or Warszawa is really a beautiful city to be visited. I was totally surprised. Thanks God Adria Airways is flying directly to Warsaw from Slovenia, so it took a good hour and fifteen minutes to get there. For the first time I used Uber in Warsaw from and to the airport and works.

The city is very clean and somehow it is brings peace.  There are many city parks especially a huge park in the center of the city which is called Lazienski Park. You can find birds, squirrels, ducks, even peacocks are there. If you are going to visit the old town, you will find a monument of the world war II first before you reach the old town. Then you will found the market square, the mermaid statue, Sigismund´s column, royal castle, presidential palace, university of Warsaw, etc…. and Pałac Kultury i Nauki or Palace of Culture and Science. I heard that the Poles wanted to demolish it … I don’t know if this is true but it would really be a pity. The Palace of Culture and Science is really fit in the cityscape.

Everything was perfect streets, public transport, people, coffee except food… almost all food is like my home-made food (Slovenian food), but it was really good 🙂

Now I have a problem … to post photos from Paris (I still have a lot of them) or now from Warsaw? The first photos are from the iphone X

See you next year Warsaw…

Stare Miasto
Stare Miasto
Stare Miasto
Łazienki Park
Łazienki Park
Łazienki Park
Łazienki Park
Pałac Kultury i Nauki


Fotoplastikon Warszawski
Politechnika Warszawska Wydział Geodezji i Kartografii
Cmentarz Żydowski
Pomnik Małego Powstańca
ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto
POLIN Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

32 thoughts on “Warsaw or Warszawa

  1. študirala sem na Poljskem (vsake toliko grem na kakšno izmenjavo itd.), Varšava je super, eno mojih najljubših mest, Poljska je zelo zanimiva država, priporočam še kakšne druge kraje 🙂

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  2. I loved Warsaw too, even though I only went twice the two years I lived in Poland. You should check out Wrocław and Poznan, both very beautiful cities. And Łódź is great too, especially if you want to take photos of amazing street art!

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