… or Wien… So I’m back and I’m editing my thoughts and feelings. I walked almost 100 kilometers in six days, which is not bad and I made around 800 photos with camera and phone.

What to say about Vienna? Like Ljubljana, of course much much bigger, it is very crowded on tourist attractions, but the next street is almost empty. And I like this empty Viennese streets early in the morning. Of course, one of the reasons for seeing Vienna was the film Before Sunrise. Unfortunately, this time I was unable to get to Friedhof der Namenlosen, because the cemetery is quite out of town. However, I managed to see some other locations and I especially liked the Kleines Café coffee shop on Franziskanerplatz and only 5 minutes from my apartment. So I could spend some time at Kleines Café … and very important coffee was good. I had an apartment on the Sonnenfelsgasse street and I could not have a better location.

I saw a lot, ate wiener schnitzel, sacher cake and wiener apfelstrudel, met with friends but I missed something … I did not feel the energy of Vienna. Maybe next time I will…

These first photos are taken with the phone.

Is not everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more? – Before Sunrise quote

Neuwallsches Haus
Wiener Riesenrad
Mölker Steig
Mölker Steig
Hofburg Wien

24 thoughts on “Vienna

  1. Tom, I said I was looking forward to your photos and I wasn’t disappointed. I too love cities in the early morning before everyone is out and about.

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  2. Ahhh I love Before Sunrise–you really did get some of its best locations! I once spent a much shorter summer evening (only 6 hours) wandering Vienna… but unfortunately I did not meet anyone on the bus there to share my wanderings with and fall in love. Oh well, maybe next time.


  3. Magnificent photos! You’ve proven the value once again of getting up with the birds — the light you captured is spectacular.


  4. I love it how you combine the views with the quotations from this film that I loved so much. My father used to work in Vienna for 6 years or so and I often stayed with him. I am of the opinion that Vienna very much relies on the feelings you and other visitors bring to it and doesn’t give much away. I always loved Hundertwasserhaus the most. ❤ Do you know his original surname was Stowasser and he renamed himself after learning what sto means? 🙂


  5. Hey Tom. Really enjoying the site and blogs. Some great pics. We’re off to Vienna for the first time amidst our European month-long tour. I’ll take your recommendations on some of the coffee shops 😊.
    I’m really impressed with the iPhone pics. Which one is it? I’m not much of a photographer but really enjoying what I’m capturing on the iPhone 7 so far. All the best

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    • Thanks a lot Matt. I have IPhone X. Kleines Café is just great. For Café Central you need a reservation in the afternoon but in the morning you can go without any reservation. And definitely you should on the top of the STEFFL The Department Store… great view 😉


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