I noticed this sign in the window… but I already knew that. Paris is love or I’m in love with Paris.

You know, I think that book that I wrote, in a way, was like building something. So that I wouldn’t forget the… details of the time that we spent together. You know, like just a reminder that… that once we really did meet! You know, that this was real! That this happened! – Before Sunset Quotes

And something similar is with my photos, I would not like to forget … I don’t know how to write books or blog, but I can take photos at least I think so.

3 Rue de Normandie
Lamarck – Caulaincourt
Rue des Rosiers
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Park Square Jean XXIII
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Pont Neuf

28 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. I think Paris is like a prism that reflects and magnifies what each of us finds beautiful and interesting — whether it’s history, people, architecture, or the art of living well. There are so many layers to the city and its culture that you can’t help falling in love, because the better you get to know her the more mysterious and beguiling she becomes. And all of that comes through in your photos, Tom. Thank you for so generously sharing those moments and memories here.


  2. Lovely. I think we are in love with the same one… 😉
    At Lamarck-Caulaincourt, go down the stairs, turn right and you will find an old comics bookstore.
    One of my preferred suppliers in Paris.
    Great shots.

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