I sit in front of my computer and watch photos … what should I post this time? Ljubljana? Vienna? Paris? Warsaw?
I have a lot of problems with these posts. I post photos on Instagram, where I have two accounts; Facebook also has two accounts, WordPress … and sometimes I’m lost. I do not know where I posted something … stupid me.
Do you also have such problems?

And now also a brand new WordPress editor… I’m lost.

Dave in Warsaw
View from my hotel Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto
Warsaw Barbican
Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw
Warsaw Barbican
Warsaw Barbican

18 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. I also post photos on Instagram , FB, Tweets, and the blog.
    Here is my rationale:
    I shoot and post all (or almost all) first thing in Instagram, they automatically go to FB.
    I care more for my Instagram posts though. It is there that I see what’s good and follow other good photographers.
    FB are all my friends, I don’t consider their likes as a guideline for good or bad shot.
    The from there I select the shots for the blog. I try to chose pics that tell a story, the story that I want to tell.
    Sometimes I shoot for the blog, in which case I keep those images for the blog.
    I find that there is a difference between shooting because of pleasure, and shooting with a purpose in mind. It’s more challenging the latter!

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  2. I hear you….I often think did I post this? ..I do instagram, then FB and put pictures on my blog. I tried the new editor and had to request it to be removed. I couldn’t handle it. Too complicated for me.

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  3. I usually keep a few directories on my computer with thumbnails of what photos I have posted where [or for that matter what venues I have exhibited them at]. Otherwise I get lost keeping tracking of it as well…

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  4. No matter where your photos were taken, I love them all! I do know what you mean about losing track of where I’ve posted things. I used to be pretty active on Flickr and Instagram, but it got too difficult to manage so many accounts (both in terms of remembering where I’d posted, and in replying to comments as well). Now I post only occasionally on Facebook, and otherwise only here. Don’t know how I’ll feel about that after my next post, though … it sounds like the new editor may be a handful!

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