Sometimes I dream

… about being a good father and a good husband. And sometimes it feels really close. But then other times it seems silly like it would ruin my whole life. And it’s not just a fear of commitment or that I’m incapable of caring or loving because… I can. It’s just that, if I’m totally honest with myself I think I’d rather die knowing that I was really good at something. That I had excelled in some way than that I’d just been in a nice, caring relationship. Before Sunrise – Quotes

p.s. btw this is me πŸ˜‰

Rynek Starego Miasta
Rynek Starego Miasta
Rynek Starego Miasta

18 thoughts on “Sometimes I dream

  1. If it’s yours then… maybe you should think more about your fear (of ruining your life). Maybe not πŸ™‚
    P.S. I understood that inside of my fear of something like that has another fears and they are more real and they are just about anything in the life. To risk somehow and to try or just continue to fear not even trying.


  2. You are already there with photography, my friend. You can capture the human spirit well in your photos. It’s ok to be only ok at marriage and parenting. It’s where we all are. No one escapes. I have 9 children. I excelled at one (or I think so in my mind) I did the tough love on others and some it worked, some it didn’t. And some would tell you I did a lousy job. It’s not a contest. We do the best we can with what we know and have. We try to learn from our mistakes and we move on. We guide even when we don’t realize. The most you can do is believe in yourself and live that life. The rest will follow. Remember, there is no try; only do or not do. And keep moving forward. You will be fine.

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  3. You already found something to excel in (dreamy pictures)… but I am pretty sure both things can be done. Being an excellence AND having a nice relationship πŸ˜‰


  4. Becoming good at something is a worthy pursuit (and on that score you have succeeded already, because … just look at your photos!). But for me the most important goal in life is to die HAPPY. If the path you’ve chosen is making you happy, then all of the other possible paths become irrelevant.

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  5. Ehw! πŸ™‚ I’m 68 and still figuring where I may have gone right or wrong with one or more of the 3 kids, my parents, my brothers & sisters, friends, and of course my wife. Even, in very rare moments, seeing my dad or mom as they must’ve felt the same way handling me growing up! So yeah. It’s nice to find an anchor of solace in getting good at pictures or words or movement or music. But that derives from oneself to a much greater degree than a relationship, where both parties have ownership. Which all means it’s not hopeless or impossible, just, well, different dealing with others than oneself. Another duality in the unity of life. I’m getting better at liking it though, lol πŸ™‚

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