I live my life

… in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I will try. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Recently I’ve been changing my style of photography a little bit and this is because of Shutterstock. Unfortunately, the street photography is not sold on Shutterstock or you need too many permissions. The Candid Street photography is my favorite genre of street photography and it’s always interesting to shoot. The Candid Street Portrait must be a genuine photograph of the person’s expression that isn’t aware that is being observed.

The kiosks –
Rue de Vaugirard
The reader –
Place Saint-Sulpice
Cour du Commerce Saint André
Cour du Commerce Saint André
Cour du Commerce Saint André

25 thoughts on “I live my life

  1. There’s really a signature in your photos that I like a lot ! All I can say is that your photos are recognisable among all 🙂 Great job ! Not an easy thing to do in such a popular city.


  2. Cour du Commerce Saint André was always one of my fav tiny streets to come across again, so much history! You did such a great job catching the various angles and nuances, Tom! And it was nice to still see the candid street shot at the newsstand & the lone walker on the cobblestones 🙂

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  3. That is a very old street. Many used to come at the café Procope. Voltaire I think, maybe Benjamin Franklin? Rousseau? When Voltaire was not around. 😉
    I studied for two years nearby. A street off the Panthéon. There was a Restaurant Univesitaire nearby too. We took that street often. There were many cinemas at odeon.
    Great shots. I always like your view of Paris.

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