it gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land. — Ibn Battuta

Thank God, I’m much closer now … only 41 days left which is only 6 weeks … Paris I’m coming 😀

POLIN Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich
plac Grzybowski
plac Zbawiciela
Politechnika Warszawska – Wydział Elektryczny

24 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Beautiful images. I always like the “moving” ones (with people), something that I never think of doing, yet I love them always when I see them.
    I also like the B&W ones. I love shooting B&W


  2. Liking a lot of things in this post, Tom! The blurry-leg movement motifs, the BW rain pic, the skies! And, the countdown to Paris for you! Plus what a contrast of the modern skyscrapers beside the old church w/its own towering steeples, both set against an amazing sky! Very nice! 😊

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  3. Having been to so many places, which one did you find the greatest among them all?
    I don’t know why I say so, but Paris was one of my least favorite vacations of all. Maybe it was going in winter. Maybe it was doing too many things. Maybe I just do not know how to enjoy myself in a place like Paris. Though from my own experience I found Paris dull and spirit-less, with rude people and dirty streets. I don’t know why I feel so, though I am going to Paris again next year, and I shall hope for a much better vacation. What do you think?

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