The vacation

gone wrong in Paris is almost always because people try to do too many things. — Anthony Bourdain

Rue des Ecouffes
Rue de Mogador
Pont Alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III
Le Loir dans La Théière et Tarte au citron meringuee
Rue de la Harpe
Place de la Concorde

You know what drives me crazy?

It’s all these people talking about how great technology is, and how it saves all this time. But, what good is saved time, if nobody uses it? If it just turns into more busy work. You never hear somebody say, “With the time I’ve saved by using my word processor, I’m gonna go to a Zen monastery and hang out”. I mean, you never hear that. – Before Sunrise Quotes

Steindlgasse – Kirche am Hof
Kirche am Hof
Neuwallsches Haus
Hupferl – 
Café Central

Polish cuisine

…was a slight disappointment for me.


Of course, I like very much French cuisine and all their dishes. But Polish cuisine … is like the Slovene cuisine. Almost nothing new … maybe because of this I felt in Warsaw like at home.


Restaurant Stolica – a beautiful terrace, friendly staff and very very good food. I think it was one of the best duck I ate… except Manchons de canard pomme sautees.

2016-10-26 13.27.13


Fotografija osebe Tom Plevnik.

zapiekanka… okey this is new… and delicious … like small pizza. Perfect for a quick snack.


Fotografija osebe Tom Plevnik.


nothing new … slightly different, much bigger, but similar to Slovenian Žlikrofi. Very tasty and very different types … we have only potatoes… Restaurant Zapiecek.

Pork cheeks in a sauce of red wine, potato dumplings and vegetables


nothing new… but good. Restaurant C.K. Oberża.

Kotlet Schabowy

Fotografija osebe Tom Plevnik.

again nothing new. It’s exactly like that Vienna steak or Dunajski šnicelj in Slovenia. But so much better and tastier. This is the best steak of kind that I ate. Normally I don’t eat Vienna steak in the restaurants. But in a month I go to Vienna, so… Restaurant Portretowa.

Swiežo smaženy wielki placek ziemniaczany z gulaszem


same story… but in a new way… and so good! It’s like Krompirjev funšterc or ocvrtki in Slovenia… Restaurant Zapiecek.



I know, I know … boring but as Sarma… Restaurant Gdański, Bar mleczny.

Żeberka w sosie własnym z ziemniakami i buraczkami zasmażanymi 

Fotografija osebe Tom Plevnik.

yes, yes, yes… like Svaljki or Njoki… Restaurant Pasieka.


Fotografija osebe Tom Plevnik.


like Krof… although we are eaten donuts only for carnival in Slovenia in February.

This time I didn’t have the opportunity to try Zupa ogórkowa … we don’t know this in Slovenia. Something for the next year.