And this part is about me…

6: The Interview There’s still so much I need to learn, I’m still rather fresh in this field. Since I conducted a few political interviews, I thought it would be education for me to interview a few photographers. One of them was Slovenian street-photographer Tom Plevnik. I had been following him on WordPress and enjoyed […]

via The Picture That Changes Everything: the Pleasant Madness of Street-Photography part 6 — WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE: SCRAMBLED NOISES FROM THE VOID


Sarajevo – where West meets East

In the last years I was often in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a miniature Istanbul. Everyone needs to see this lovely city with narrow cobblestone streets, majestic mosques, delicious food and friendly locals.

Sarajevo is famous for it’s cultural and religious diversity – Islam, Orthodox, Judaism and Catholicism had traditionally coexisted there for centuries. A little older might just associate Sarajevo with one thing – the Bosnian War. Sarajevo was under siege by Serbian forces for 1.425 days! A lot of this can still be seen around town. The red markings on the ground are known as “Sarajevo roses” and serve as a reminder of what the people of Sarajevo had to endure.

In 1984 Sarajevo was hosted the 14. Winter Olympics Games.

3 things to see in Sarajevo:

  • visit old town Baščaršija
  • visit The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque
  • visit The Vječnica

Sarajevo is the place to go!