Sarajevo – where West meets East

In the last years I was often in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a miniature Istanbul. Everyone needs to see this lovely city with narrow cobblestone streets, majestic mosques, delicious food and friendly locals.

Sarajevo is famous for it’s cultural and religious diversity – Islam, Orthodox, Judaism and Catholicism had traditionally coexisted there for centuries. A little older might just associate Sarajevo with one thing – the Bosnian War. Sarajevo was under siege by Serbian forces for 1.425 days! A lot of this can still be seen around town. The red markings on the ground are known as “Sarajevo roses” and serve as a reminder of what the people of Sarajevo had to endure.

In 1984 Sarajevo was hosted the 14. Winter Olympics Games.

3 things to see in Sarajevo:

  • visit old town Baščaršija
  • visit The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque
  • visit The Vječnica

Sarajevo is the place to go!

Ljubljana – the European Green Capital 2016

A few words about Ljubljana. I spent many years in Ljubljana. Ljubljana is a small city but it is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. If there were three words to describe this city it would be bridges, coffee shops and graffiti. Ljubljana is also cheaper like other big European capitals. And this is about all of Ljubljana.

One more thing… Ljubljana is my playground for street photography.